Wednesday, December 21, 2011


If you haven't noticed yet - At this point, I have pretty much moved myself over to tumblr - I needed a new interface for writing and a new concept for updating things. I've been staring at this blogger page for so many years now, and it just feels old, it doesn't inspire me anymore - I needed change. SO - If you still want to see what I am up to..... Go visit me over there...

Oh the month of December! Tally-Ho! One of the girls from school, Lisa - She dropped out of class two weeks ago - So now it is just Brook and I, grooming dogs in the night class.... I find it amusing that the night class is turning into a small family - We groom our dogs for an hour or two, spend the rest of class sitting in the break room, chatting about dogs or family or boys.... I'm getting so fast with grooming, I can finish a Bishon in two hours and a regular terrier in less than one - We groom twice as many dogs as the day class does... School is fun. I will be sad when it ends in May.

Haven't thought about Christmas much..... I called my Mom last week, and in just so many words, she basically told me that it would probably be better if I don't come home for the holidays.... So I'm not going to spend Christmas with my family - I guess, I am gonna hangout with Kurt? Maybe Kurt and I will just stay in bed and kiss under mistletoe all morning? I think that sounds like a fantastic way to spend Christmas morning... I haven't really gone shopping or made anyone anything or sent out Christmas cards - I hope you forgive me - It just doesn't feel like Christmas this year, especially since there isn't even a smidge of snow on the ground (not complaining in the least, oh weather gods... *cough* global warming *cough*...)... I feel like the night we had the Christmas party, that was the night it felt like Christmas Eve.... that was such a fun party, Kurt is the cutest thing ever.

I am going to a winter solstic party on Saturday - A vegetarian potluck! - Everyone is going to get rid of their old clothing and canned goods, and trade off... and anything left over, will be dropped off at the homeless shelter on Sunday morning.... 

Looks like I am modeling in NYC at the end of this month/New Years weekend - And I will also be back in Houston/Austin area the 2nd weekend of January - If anyone wants to shoot - drop me a line so I can get you scheduled....  I'm excited to drive around Austin for a bit, I miss my city a lot, and I need some warm weather in my near future...

Wish you all a very Happy Holiday and a very Happy New Year - If you are still shopping, remember to shop local, stop giving your money away to huge corporations - Don't buy trinkets from China that no one needs or wants - Wrapping with newspaper is far better for the enviroment than wrapping paper (regardless to what you use, please recycle) - The holiday is about family and friends and people you love, so be sure to wrap yourself up with them - I love you all much - Don't forget to spay and neuter your pets! Have a great holiday!

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